Good People is dedicated to the management of emerging artists and the production of creative work.

We establish a connection to the properties we represent and develop an effective strategy to market and sell the work. We pride ourselves on an unparalleled ability to relate to the needs of the artist because we have been there. Adam Kleid, Good People’s founder, is a creative insider with credits and connections in all aspects of the industry. Adam has sold several screenplays to major studios, produced numerous TV shows and developed many projects with top production companies and talent.  What makes Adam stand apart from his colleagues is his first-hand experience as a working writer and filmmaker in addition to his genuine passion for the creative process.

Whether he’s in an editing bay, on set, in a writer’s meeting or pitching to a studio executive, Adam is the kind of guy you want in your corner; he cares as much about your success as you do. Adam’s approach to representing and producing projects is humanistic. This translates into frank discussions, valuable feedback and unwavering support.

Adam Kleid and the way he works stand as a metaphor for what Good People offers its clients: honesty, vision, passion and dedication.

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